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Welcome to Captain Eli B. Clemson's Company of the 1st U.States Infantry and Captain Nathan Boones's Company of Missouri Rangers

The 1st U. States Infantry and Missouri Rangers


Since its beginning in 1987, the Missouri Rangers and 1st U.S. Infantry have lived by a simple philosophy of historical honesty, camaraderie, and family fellowship. Many of our members have come from a variety of re-enactment backgrounds that gives the organization a wonderful diversity of experiences. The two groups travel to events located throughout the Midwest and the East. Some annual events include the Militia Muster at Fort Osage near Sibley, Missouri, the Battle of Mississinewa in Indiana, and the militia muster at Fort Massac in Illinois. The Despatch is the official newsletter of the organization. Original and reprinted historical articles are included as well as lists of events the Rangers and Infantry will attend. Since many of our members reenact other areas, it is not uncommon to find articles submitted that deal with other interests such as the Mexican War. If you are interested in early Missouri history, love the outdoors, and enjoy the company of serious reenactors who enjoy learning and sharing history, drop us an E-Mail at floors1@shawneelink.net and find the enjoyment of living the War of 1812


1st U. States Infantry and Missouri Ranger Contact information;
David Bennett, Capt, 1st U. States Infy -ECLEMSON@webtv.net
Michael Harris, Editor,Despatch - haris4t@wavecomputers.net
Donald Kehoe, 1SG, US Army (Retired) Web Master -floors1@shawneelink.net

Unit members should review "The Company Orderly Book" site for any new updated Information.

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