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Welcome to Captain Eli B. Clemson's Company of the 1st U.States Infantry and Captain Nathan Boones's Company of Missouri Rangers


To honor the efforts of other 1812 enthusiasts, please browse the websites of the links listed below. It is our intent to continue to support fellow researchers and historical reenactors who are preserving the memory, heritage and sacrifice of those who gave their lives during the War of 1812. As interest in this time period grows, so will our link list.

Units And Organizations

7th United States Infantry Living History Assoication

1812 U.S. Marine Brigade

The Upper Mississippi Brigade

Forts, Cantonments and Depots

Fort Osage, Sibley, MO.

Fort Massac, Metropolis, IL

Fort Bellefontaine, St. Louis, MO

Fort Atkinson, NE

Fort Madison, Madison, Iowa

Fort Erie, Canada

Fort Erie Canada and The War of 1812

Meet The Fort McHenry Guard


Battle of the Mississinewa

Battle of Lundys Lane

Research and Historical Information

US Army Center of Military History