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Welcome to Captain Eli B. Clemson's Company of the 1st U.States Infantry and Captain Nathan Boones's Company of Missouri Rangers
The Company Orderly Book

1940, 26 April 2002

   Anyone needing a new haversack, low gaiters, neck stock, musket sling or etc, item contact me at floors1@shawneelink.net  and I'll have them ready for you at Fort Osage on Memorial day weekend.

SGT Kehoe

1758, 18 July 2002

Fort McHenry event will be September 13 to 15th.   

Uniforms to consist of:   Tombstone caps, 1812 coats, white leathers, white trousers with half gaithers.   All brass polished and clean.  

Members of the 1st who are planning to attend are:   Lt. Bennett, Cpl.S. Lueke, Pvts. Rosewitz, Kubiak & Hansen.  Dependents attending are: S. Bennett, M. Bennett, N. Rosewitz & children.

Tentage will be provided by the 7th US.  As this is a National Park they will provide cartridges.   Food is provided by the site via a historic caterer. All members attending are requested to be on site no later than noon on Friday and ready to participate by 2pm.

Cap'n Dave, Clemson's Company, First U.States Infantry & Boone's
Missouri Rangers......SEMPER PRIMUS. 

1801, 18 July 2002

Bellefountaine, As far as a schedule goes.....

7:30     Roll call
8:00     Breakfast
10:00  Troop
11:00  Company drill
12:00  Roll call  Whiskey Ration  Dinner
14:00  Company drill
15:00  Light Infantry drill
16:00  Retreat    

The 6th and 1st Rifles are planning on attending and working with us. We will have use of the stone house again.    Sally will cook for the 1st / Rangers, Sat. Am, Sat. dinner, Sat. Supper,  Sunday Am and Sunday Dinner.   Any help she can get she will appreciate.

I do not yet know the event closing time on Sunday but would hazard a guess of 2 or 3pm. I'm going to arrange with the county to take detail drawings and pictures of General Bissell's sash, sword belt, etc. Either on Friday or Sunday. Would I be able to borrow either one of yours digital cameras?

Specific points to practise are: Firing motions,  Breaking to the rear to form column to the right,   On the right form the line, piling arms, inspection (Don <g> ) and general nit picking of the manual.


Cap'n Dave, Clemson's Company, First U.States Infantry & Boone's
Missouri Rangers......SEMPER PRIMUS.