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Welcome to Captain Eli B. Clemson's Company of the 1st U.States Infantry and Captain Nathan Boones's Company of Missouri Rangers
The Despatch

The Journal of the Recreated 1st U.S. Infantry and Boone's Rangers.

In the Despatch
January/February 2002
Volume XV No. 1
Front Page
Celebrating 15 Years of the Despatch, By Michael Harris

Page 5
Letters from the Western Frontier during the War of 1812, (This letter instructed Zachary Taylor to begin his expedition up the Mississippi River in 1814)

Page 6
Letters from Missouri Rangers, Given by Wilbur Morse Shankland, Ed.D.

Page 12
A Letter from Daniel Bissell which describes how Fort Lookout should be constructed on the island near portage De Sioux, Missouri, submitted by Michael Harris.