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Duty Stations of the 1st U. States Infantry: 1808-1815

As of June 18 1812,

FORT DETROIT - Michigan Territory.
Captain (Brevet Major) John Whistler

Captain Daniel Baker 1
1st Lt. William Whistler
2nd Lt. Dixon Stansbury
Strength: 50 men

Ensign McCabe's Recruit detachment
Strength: 40 men

FORT DEARBORN - Indiana Territory
Captain Nathan Heald 2
2nd Lt. Linai T. Helm
Ensign George Ronan 3
Surgeon Mate Isaac Van Voorhies
Strength: 54 men


FORT MADISON - Missouri Territory
Captain Horatio Stark
1st Lt. Thomas Hamilton 4
2nd Lt. Antonio Baronet Vasquez 5
Strength: 40 men


FORT WAYNE - Indiana Territory
Captain James Rhea 6
1st Lt. Phillip Osrtander
Ensign Daniel Curtis
Surgeon Mate Anthony Benezet
Strength: 70 men

FORT OSAGE - Missouri Territory
Captain Eli B. Clemson
1st Lt. John Brownson
2nd Lt. Lewis Bissell 7
Surgeon Mate Jonathan S. Cool
Strength: 54 men

FORT BELLEFONTAINE - Missouri Territory
Captain Simon Owens
1st Lt. John Campbell 8)
2nd Lt. John Shaw
Strength: 68 men
FORT KNOX - Indiana Territory
Paymaster Captain Ambrose Whitlock
Strength: Sergeants Guard of aprox. 6 men.


1) Baker received the first "Brevet" rank of the War of 1812 for "Gallant conduct - Battle of Brownstown" he was also wounded during the action on August 9th.

2) Heald's company was attacked on August 15th by 500 Indians. 26 out of 54 men were killed before surrendering.

3) Ronan was the first West Point graduate to be killed in Action.

4) Hamilton commanded the company on September 5th when the garrison was besieged by Indians and successfully fended off attacks till the Indians left on the 7th. The garrison company of Fort Madison evacuated in November of 1813 and was one of three companies that were sent to Canada in 1814.

5) Vasquez was the only officer reported wounded by a bayonet at the battle of Lundy's Lane July 25, 1814.

6) Rhea's garrison was besieged by Indians from September 6th till the 10th. Immediately after the garrison was relieved, Rhea was allowed to resign, as he had remained drunk during the entire siege.

7) Bissell was wounded at the battle of Lundy's Lane July 25, 1814. The company evacuated Fort Osage in May 1813 and was one of three companies that were sent to Canada in 1814.

8) The garrison company of Fort Bellefontaine, was transferred to newly built Fort Clark Illinois Territory in October 1813. Detachments of Owens Company also garrisoned Fort Mason, a small stockade fort on the Mississippi. This company was one of three companies sent to Canada in
1814. 1st Lt. John Campbell remained in the Missouri Territory serving as General Howards "Brigade Major" .

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Fort Osage, home to the 1st U. States Infantry from 1808 to 1813. Overlooking the Missouri River.